Reel Fun Ice Fishing Tournament

The Prize winners are now posted!
Save the date now for the
13th Annual Reel Fun!
February 20, 2021!

Our Tournament

This unique tournament is detailed in the rules section but here's a quick introduction.
  • Limited amount of tickets sold
  • Over 1250 predrilled holes in the tournament area- first come first serve
  • No shelters allowed
  • Prizes determined by fish weight and then by time registered in the event of a tie. 
  • Prizes are non-species specific, any open species of fish may be registered.


Don't forget... we will once again do the "Ice Hole Award". This will go to the group with the most lavish, unique outdoor fish camp site. Since you will be spending the morning waiting for lines down you may as well get comfortable in your ice hole space. Although you CANNOT build a shelter and you CANNOT have a tent-- you can fly a flag or banners so friends can find you on the ice. Choose a theme, dress the part of a Michigan angler, make an ice sculpture while you wait for lines down or cook a meal in your makeshift outdoor kitchen.
Whatever you decide to do to show your spirit! We will have judges going around to choose the group that puts the most thought into their fish site and shows the most enthusiasm.
TO ENTER have a name for your GROUP.  YOU MUST REGISTER AT THE FRONT GATE- Judges will walk around and start judging at 1PM.
REMEMBER: NO SHELTERS, NO TENTS, keep it CLEAN and let's have FUN!

Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers raising money for the future River Center.  

The River Center's mission is to preserve, protect, and interpret the Thunder Bay River Watershed. 
The funds will be used to construct a watershed and aquatic study center
focused on the 1,250 square miles of the watershed.
The project will have three outcomes:
Environmental - maintain and improve watershed habitats and water quality in 
Thunder Bay River to enhance that of Lake Huron
Educational - promote more awareness and active involvement in
monitoring/studying major factors that maintain a healthy river watershed
Economic - increase eco-tourism in Northeast Michigan by serving as a destination for tourists.

Reel Fun Ice Fishing Tournament