Reel Fun Ice Fishing Tournament

The Prizes

With 30 prizes for top spots, try your luck and support the Thunder Bay River Center. Battle the punishing climate for a shot at a Suzuki King Quad 500.

FIRST PLACE 2020 Suzki Quad 500
                    or $5,000 Cash

The pictured vehicle is similar to the

first prize, but not exactly as shown.
Winner is responsible for tax and title fee.


Be one of the first to weigh in a fish and you win a t-shirt!

         100th FISH WEIGHED WINS!
If you weigh in the 100th fish you win a  $100 gift card from Walmart!



1.  Suzuki King Quad 500 or $5,000 Cash

2.  Eskimo Rocket P1 10" Auger

3.  Vexilar FL-18

4.  Shappell fx 20i Flip Shelter

5.  Vexilar fish Scout Underwater Camera

6.  Stihl Model Z51 16" Chain Saw

7.  Meijer Gift Card

8.  Frabill Fortress Hub Shanty

9.  Walmart Gift Card

10.  Vexillar Cold Snap Hoodie/Gloves

11.  Buddy Heater

12.  Denali Rod/Reel Combo

13.  Polar Tip-up Bundle

14. Vexilar Hand Held Sonor

15.  Mr. Heater Propane Heater/Cooker

16.  HT Tip-up/HT Fishing Pole

17. Vexillar Cold Snap Hoodie/Gloves

18.  Yeti Drink Set of 3

19.  Little Buddy Heater

20.  Frabill Fortress Hub Shanty

21.  Peet Boot Dryer

22.  Automatic Fisherman w/rod

23.  Vexillar Cold Snap Hoodie/Gloves

24.  Jet Sled

25.  Mitchell 300 Reel

26.  Buddy Heater

27.  Rapala Electric Fillet Knife

28.  Sitka Fishing Kit w/seat

29.  Vexillar Cold Snap Hoodie/Tackle Tote

30.  Lowrance Hook 2-5 Fish Finder

1.  Nathan Scoles

2.  Shaun Scatkowski

3.  Marion Valent

4.  Greg Pelleran

5.  Lisa Smolinski

6.  Nick Mausaolf

7.  Lynn Morrison

8.  Roy Short

9.  Isaac Krey

10.  Jeff Bowen

11.  Ryan Stelmachowske

12.  Michael Clark

13.  Steve Miros

14.  Bill Klein

15.  Jay Blorits

16.  Brian Zdybel

17.  Randy biermaker

18.  Cleat Manor

19.  Don Urban

20.  Scott Knochel

21.  John Miller

22.  Keegan Bray

23.  Chuck Banks

24.  Keeli Roznowski

25.  Joe Glaspie

26.  Jeff Wagner

27.  Zach Sap

28.  Bryan skowronek

29.  Bill ruelle

30.  Art Pahlkotter

You will notice that first place is the most valuable prize, however the rest of the prize grid thru 30th place is random.  So even though your 5th place fish may be bigger, the 30th place prize may be more valuable.   Just to keep it interesting!

100th fish weighed---Marion Valent
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Reel Fun Ice Fishing Tournament